Rømø Motor Festival

The History of RMF

Picking up from our first year, Rømø Motor Festival 2017 was even more of a succes.
With nearly 80 participants in the race and around 7.000 spectators, the organisers and guests dared the glooming weather forecast and ended up having a fabulous and almost dry day on the beach.
As one reporter put it…. “God loves a trier”….. and thus we were blessed with the best weather of the region.

We also had an overwhelming show up of skilled photographers and journalists, resulting in a fantastic number of presentations and publications, some of which you can see in the following links.
Pour the coffee, lean back and enjoy the 2017 RMF.

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David Carlo - photos
Jan Leichsenring - photos
Mark Petersen - photos
Per Sønderby Pouls - photos

RMF 2016 saw thousands of people on the sandflats that is the beach of Rømø.
From early morning the traffic to the beach formed a line of several kilometers and judging from the spectators smiles, the race was a complete succes!

The racers came from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany and honoured the beach and the RMF Team with their presence and effort.
Our camping and party grounds were filled to the very last square inch and everyone seemed to enjoy a weekend full of vintage cool, fantastic music and lasting friendships in the making.
Our thanks goes out to all racers, guests, spectators and helpers! We basked in the sun and your smiling faces!!

The following galleries are shared photos, brought to you in cooperation with our talented photographers. Check back as they get uploaded and please respect the rights of the individual photographer.
They can be reached through the links under their respective names.

The RMF Team

David Carlo Photography davidcarlophotography.com
Jan Leichsenring ponyfotos.blogspot.com