About the race....


Driving onto the beach of Lakolk for the very first time is an awe inspiring moment.

Seemingly endless stretches of sand right in front of you.... and arriving here as a motor

enthusiast, it is very easy to visualise the era of beach racing in the 1920's


The RMF version of yesteryear is, to the best of our capabilities and modern living, as close to what the daredevils on Fanø must have experienced back then.

Due to regulations and a healthy look on safety, we have cut the track to a 201 meter

(1/8th mile) stretch of the hardest, flattest and greatest looking sand, you are likely to encounter on the european shore line.


Naturally, no speed records will be set..... but judging from the smiles on the faces of our

2016 racers and spectators, the saturday on this beach left nobody untouched.


Please take a moment and read below information carefully!





Saturday, september 9 - 2017


08:30 Briefing of Drivers and Riders

08:30 Technical Inspection

09:00 Briefing of press and photographers

09:00 Vintage Parking opens

10:00 Offecial opening of Rømø Motor Festival by the RMF Crew

10:30 Race starts

17:00-17:30 Race ends

19:00 Party starts


Program is subject to change!



Spectator information!!:

There is no entry fee at the beach but we kindly ask you to follow these simple rules:

  • At any time, do as directed by the RMF crew
  • DO NOT walk onto the track or the pit area!!

Stay OFF the race track! Your safety is our concern and trying to get that extra cool photo, could mean your life and our permit on the line. Failing to respect this may end the race.

  • Help us keep the beach and surroundings clean - use our trash bins
  • Please keep in mind that the cars and bikes, racing the beach, are rare and expensive. Therefore we ask that you respect their owners and keep your distance and DO NOT touch anything if you are not invited to do so.